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We’re streaming some Elden Ring – Destructoid

Elden Ring stream

ELDEN RING IS HERE!! I feel like I’ve waited so long for this! I played it for a little while last night and so far it’s everything I thought it would be and more!

I’m loving exploring the open world and seeing all these crazy new creatures. I especially am enjoying the combat, which is pretty rare for me, but they found a way to make everything feel more worthwhile so I’m a lot more engaged in fights. I’m a little stuck on a boss, but I have a feeling I’ll be able to pass that tonight during the stream. Have you been playing? Come by and tell me all about what you think of Elden Ring and have found so far!

PS I missed you guys — I was away for two weeks due to a concussion, but I’m feeling a lot better lately and pacing my screen time/mentally intense activities while I continue to recover. See you there!

Drop by Destructoid’s Twitch channel every Friday at 9:00 p.m. Eastern to hang out.

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