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Watching Tenet on the Playdate would make Nolan and David Lynch proud

Tenet on the Playdate

So this is what Nolan meant when it had to be viewed in a theater: mind blown

Watching Tenet on the Playdate is a bold move. One may even venture to guess that Christopher Nolan might be mad about it!

Twitter user jkap managed to get the film working on the device, which is not only a hilarious commentary on Nolan’s insistence on forcing people into cinemas; but they also utilize a unique aspect of the Playdate to actually enhance the movie.

The best part? This is actually an interactive, very Tenet-like experience with the Playdate. By using the crank jkap is able to manipulate the film, similar to the time flow gimmick in the narrative itself. Maybe you can even hear the audio properly now. Remember when Fortnite featured Nolan films in-game due to a “phone call” with the director? The last two years have been weird.

To play Tenet on the Playdate, and video in general, jkap notes: “I was working on a custom thing for a few hours and then I realized that the SDK has built in (minimally documented) video playback with a custom binary format.” You can find more info on how to access the SDK [software development kit] here.

As for the David Lynch comment in the header, just watch this and you’ll be caught up (NSFW language warning for people at work)!

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