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Tokyo gameplay with Japanese audio

This thing is finally almost out: we can prove it!

We recently got our hands on Tango Gameworks’ latest open world romp, and we have some Ghostwire: Tokyo gameplay to show off.

This is roughly 10 minutes of gameplay from Chapter 2, which includes introductory elements of combat, light exploration (as more of the map is starting to open up), vendor interactions, and sidequests. As we gleaned from the recent closed-door preview event, Akito is in cahoots with a spirit named KK, and the both of them have a tumultuous relationship; given that, you know, KK invaded Akito’s body.

One of the first things I noticed about the full version of Ghostwire is that it’s a little more emotional than expected. The marketing has mostly focused on how “cool and mysterious” the game looks, but I wish they had shown more in terms of its scope. Mechanically, the gameplay we’re showing here in Chapter 2 is going to be very familiar. It’s first-person, and there’s an energy shield block button, and a melee “whack” attack. Where Ghostwire deviates a bit is that most of the combat (at first) is via ranged energy bolts, with the intent to weaken enemies enough to rip out their spirit heart.

You can see how that plays out below, but suffice to say I do like the shakeup of the ranged focus, though I hope the enemy variety opens up the more I progress. Interestingly, although there is an English audio track, Tango Gameworks and Bethesda “recommend” that players use Japanese audio: so I’m doing just that.

We’re limited in what we can say now in terms of Ghostwire: Tokyo gameplay, so stay tuned for our full thoughts closer to launch.

[Note that this gameplay takes place right at the start of Chapter 2 (after a story prologue), as we couldn’t show Chapter 1 just yet.]

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