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This digital Genshin Impact board game earns you in-game bonuses

Genshin Impact board game

It’s live until May 5

Genshin Impact isn’t a stranger to digital minigame tie-ins, and that includes this Genshin Impact board game: which is live now.

Accessible through this URL on both PC and mobile, you basically just load in (after connecting your account), roll a limited amount of dice per day, and reap some rewards. The “board game” is actually just a little breezy track that you’ll run around and around in, grabbing rewards along the way; and occasionally triggering a “random event.” Said events usually involve tapping at specific areas of the screen, or mash-tapping (which was clearly designed for mobile, though rapid clicking with a mouse will do the trick).

Rewards include Mora (in-game gold), Primogems, and several bits of materials. You get eight dice rolls by default, but if you use the check-in tool (instructions here), you can unlock four more for a total of 12. It’ll run through May 5, but you should only need a few days to get all of the rewards.

That’s pretty much it. It’s cute, and there’s a little journal in the upper-right hand corner you can click to get a little recap of how you ended up on the Genshin Impact board game island, and the random encounters you completed along the way.

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