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The Price of Some Skin Bundles in Diablo IV is $28

On May 30, 2023, just one week before the release of Diablo IV, leading publications published their reviews of the highly anticipated game. The average score on Metacritic for this action RPG stood at an impressive 88/100 based on 27 reviews.

Diablo IV also fared exceptionally well on the OpenCritic aggregator, receiving an average score of 89/100 based on 43 reviews. Notably, 100% of the critics recommended Diablo IV for players to experience. It’s worth mentioning that some publications, like PC Gamer, have yet to provide a score as they continue to immerse themselves in the game.

Diablo IV Receives Strong Early Reviews with an 88/100 on Metacritic

Critics have hailed Diablo IV as one of the best ARPGs to date. According to reviewers, the developers not only offer players a rich campaign with a deep storyline but also provide a wealth of endgame content. A writer from GamesRadar highlighted that they had already spent over 100 hours in Diablo IV and felt they had barely scratched the surface of what the game has to offer.

Diablo IV Receives Strong Early Reviews with an 88/100 on Metacritic

While Diablo IV sticks to the series’ traditional formula without venturing into significant experimentation, several journalists still praised this approach. They believe it is not a flaw but rather an indication that the action RPG serves as a near-perfect continuation of Diablo II and Diablo III.

Nevertheless, Diablo IV introduces a significant number of innovations compared to its predecessors. Most notably, the game’s open world impressed many reviewers as it significantly alters the familiar gameplay cycle. The inclusion of world bosses within this expansive world also left a strong impression. Additionally, Diablo IV boasts more diverse endgame content right from its release, surpassing that of Diablo III.

Critics lauded Diablo IV for its dark and engaging narrative. The game’s cutscenes and memorable quests, including the side quests, received particular praise.

Performance-wise, critics encountered minimal issues in Diablo IV, with only a few minor hiccups observed during location loading when traversing the world. According to the reviews, the game runs smoothly with high frame rates on all platforms.

Selected Early Reviews:

  • VGC: 5/5
  • IGN: 9/10
  • Dexerto: 5/5
  • XboxEra: 9.5/10
  • forbes: 9/10
  • Nintendo smash: 9.5/10
  • GameSpot:8/10
  • Push square: 9/10
  • CGMagazine: 10/10

The Early reviews for Diablo IV have arrived, and the game has garnered significant praise from critics. With its captivating storyline, engaging gameplay, and plentiful endgame content, Diablo IV appears to live up to the high expectations of fans and newcomers alike. As the release date draws nearer, players can eagerly anticipate diving into the dark and immersive world of Diablo IV.

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