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The Forgotlings on Xbox, PC and console to release in 2024

forgotlings keyart
The keyart for Forgotlings

Remember Forgotton Anne? The team behind that will soon be sending players down a whole new path, with the release of Forgotlings. 

From the Hitcents and ThroughLine Games team – they previously behind the creation of the gorgeous Forgotton Anne – Forgotlings will let players on PC and console discover a whole new magical world. 

A 2024 release awaits

Due to release in 2024, Forgotlings is planned for release on Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Nintendo Switch and PC (Steam). It will invite players to step into the Forgotten Lands as Fig, a gifted posing doll on a quest to unite different tribes of forgotlings against an enigmatic beast prophesied to engulf the world in darkness.

However, having been severed from their human owners and struggling for survival, the forgotlings’ only hope lies in him.

It’s a game that promises much too. You’ll get to take charge as the captain of The Volare, Fig’s ship and base of operations alongside his crew of forgotlings. You’ll also be found saving settlements from pesky bandits and other critters through combat mechanics that blend hack-and-slash with strategy and stealth.

Choose your own path in Forgotlings on Xbox

However, in Forgotlings on Xbox, PlayStation, Switch or PC, you’ll get to choose the next destination. Playing out in a 2.5D semi open-world metroidvania, you’ll find yourself uncovering ancient secrets that lie buried in the desert Dunes, climbing the magnificent Agora Mountains and exploring the majestic Falls.

Learning about forgotling psychology will ensure you get to better respond in interactive conversations and build relationships and allies that could determine the fate of a tribe. 

There’s more though. Forgotlings will let you engage in side-quests or earn a reputation by challenging forgotlings to a game of INA, a popular board game transcending tribe affiliations. And the chance to search for Power Stones to include in customizable INA decks, or mine for crystals in the environment to place as bets, will also come to the fore. Join tournaments and climb the ranks to become a Grandmaster, or simply play a match as a form of icebreaker to unlock dialogues and connect with forgotlings.

Rich audio awaits

All of this will be put together through thousands of traditionally hand-drawn animation frames combined with full voice acting and a score. That will be found featuring choir ensemble Theatre of Voices, helping provide an immersive experience deep in an imaginative world and an emotional story about things we have forgotten and the power of diversity.

“The main theme in Forgotlings is ‘Purpose’ – despite living in complex societies with more connectivity than ever before, we still see pervasive loneliness” said Alfred Nguyen, CEO & Creative Director at ThroughLine Games. “We hope Forgotlings resonates with players in today’s world, providing an imaginative lens through which to view existential threats.”

Forgotlings on Xbox, PlayStation, Switch and Steam is preparing to deliver all-new adventures in 2024. 

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