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Sunbreak reveal is coming in May

Sunbreak reveal

No date yet

[Update: Capcom has confirmed that the next Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak reveal is coming via a May 10 digital event at 7AM PT.]

Capcom has announced that the next Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak reveal is coming soon enough, and is due in May.

The publisher has been giving us a decent chunk of Sunbreak news on a bi-weekly basis, with kernels here and there on various social accounts. But the semi-monthly news drops are the big events, often filling out entire chunks of the expansion in video format. No exact date was given, but at some point in May we’ll see more, which will likely be followed by another content reveal, then the launch.

Even late May still gives Capcom plenty of time to prep for the launch of Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak, as it’s set to debut on June 30.

Here’s a recap of everything we’ve seen in terms of Sunbreak reveal drops so far:

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