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Street Fighter 6’s new logo might be a modified stock image – Destructoid

Fans aren’t happy, and I don’t blame them

The Street Fighter series is known for its vibrant intensity, something that was prevalent in its gameplay, its fighter designs, and hell, even the fonts of its logos. That’s why, when the sixth entry in the series was announced yesterday, fans were disappointed to see that the series is taking a bleak turn for the minimal. The end of the Street Fighter 6 trailer was capped off with a flash of the game’s logo, something franchise fans usually look forward to — instead, players were faced with a basic-looking “SF” emblem with a little number 6 tacked onto it.

Of course, the internet was flooded with fans sharing their takes about the new direction, and it didn’t take long for Ars Technica’s Aurich Lawson to find the resemblance between the new logo and an $80 stock design from Adobe’s website.

The stock logo template was originally created by a user called xcoolee, but it’s entirely possible that Capcom (or any other responsible party) bought the rights to the design and altered it for Stret Fighter 6, as is allowed by Adobe when designs are for commercial use.

Turns out the same stock logo was also used for the SF Connexion sci-fi convention in France, so this isn’t the first time this logo has made the rounds, either.

The irony here is that Street Fighter is celebrating its 35th anniversary this year, and for Capcom to put out something that’s so quintessentially un-Street Fighter… yeah, that’s a yikes from me. I personally believe that minimalism has been a plague on all forms of design for years, and nothing pains me more than to see it take over what was previously one of the most bombastic series out there.

It’s just the logo for now, sure, but how long until it encroaches on the game itself? Give me maximalism, or give me nothing.
[Featured Image Source: Kotaku]

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