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Stranger of Paradise: FFO: Knight Best Builds

The Chimera has always been an annoying boss in Final Fantasy. He’s difficult to tackle due to his multi-attack capabilities and heavily damaging Area of Effect attacks. In Stranger of Paradise, he is no different and its phase 2 is a pure test of your skills. After you fight your way through the Crystal Tower, you’ll face the Chimera.

How to Defeat Chimera

While fighting the Chimera the basic idea remains the same, avoid Ground Slams, avoid Area of Effect attacks by blocking, absorbing, or just evading in general.


In the first phase, the Chimera will attack mostly towards the front. It’ll fly around, body slam, spray poison, and even can do a 180s attack while damaging him from behind. Now you have to stay away from the lion’s mouth and you can actually stun it very easily just by doing some basic attacks by the hindquarters of the Chimera. If you stay by one of the back legs you can land tons of damage for free. As the Chimera has the regenerate ability so it can heal itself a little bit but outside of that most of his attacks are pretty basic and they’re very easy to avoid and easy to absorb. So, what you can do is when it flies around avoid it because it can be a little unpredictable when it’s on the ground run for the hindquarters and just swing away just keep hitting it. It’s so free.

Stranger of Paradise: FFO: How to easily defeat the Chimera Boss


The second phase is a little bit more difficult because it has more things going on but the base premise is the same there too. If you stay towards the back of one of the legs you can land tons of free damage with minimal effort. As this phase starts, we break more heads out of it. In this phase, you will see chimera do Flame Breath, Silencing Stare, Aqua Breath, and Dark Breath go everywhere but ultimately the premise is the same you can just stay up on the hindquarters like you were doing in the first phase. Just keep hitting it and you will find it very easy to defeat this boss.

Stranger of Paradise: FFO: How to easily defeat the Chimera Boss

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