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In like Flynn

Life is all about change. I recently moved to Denver to get a nice change of pace in life, but now have found myself back in Phoenix among the cacti and sand. I was in a snowy hot tub three weeks ago, and now I’m looking at 96 degrees this Saturday. 96 degrees in March! Why?! I miss the ice forming in my hair as I enjoy the single-digit temperature around me while Tears for Fears lulls me into ultimate Good Vibes mode. Pic included for posterity’s sake.

Well I’m back in the desert now, which just goes to show that life is full of changes. Thankfully, one thing that hasn’t changed is Super Rare Games puts awesome digital games onto physical Switch carts to make sure that when the great digital wipeout inevitably occurs, there will at least be some record of these games existing. Today they dropped Flynn: Son of Crimson, and if you’re a fan of classic handcrafted 2D action, you’re gonna wanna jump in on this!

I’ll let the pros do the talking on this one.

A journey about discovery and conflict, Flynn: Son of Crimson follows our titular character, Flynn, as he learns to master the art of Crimson Energy while standing up against The Scourge invasion. Pairing up with your mythical companion Dex, the Guardian Spirit of the Land, it is up to you to protect the beautiful island of Rosantica from evil in this gorgeous 2D action-platformer.

Embrace the Power of Crimson Energy – Discover incredible powers drawn from Flynn’s mysterious lineage, and help him master the art of Crimson Energy.

An Epic Arsenal  – Dash and pierce wielding your trusty Crimson Blade, land powerful precision blows with the Crimson Axe, and unleash aerial superiority wearing the Crimson Claws.

A World in Peril – Uncover the ancient mysteries of Rosantica, and collect powerful relics to help face the sinister evils waiting for you in The Scourge.

An Unbreakable Bond – Summon your mythical companion, protector, and very good doggo Dex in times of need, and charge alongside her into battle.

Master the Elements – Command elemental magic in the form of fire, ice, and lightning, and use it to overcome the obstacles and enemies in your path.

Handcrafted Adventure – Lose yourself in a beautifully handcrafted 2D world filled with gorgeous forests, fantastic realms, and wondrous creatures.

I’ll never understand why more games don’t have doggy companions.

Super Rare Games Flynn contest win for Switch

To enter to win your copy of Flynn: Son of Crimson, drop your info in the widget below. It’s that easy! Click around for bonus entries and make sure to entertain me and my curiosity. I do actually read things when I ask questions in there, so your thoughts don’t go unnoticed!

We have one physical Switch copy of the game to give away. Super Rare Games is super cool and super ship worldwide, so barring a few exceptions, anyone is eligible! If you’re not and happen to win, we’ll make arrangements to get you something digital, instead. Otherwise no exceptions — buzz off if you don’t want this game. I’m taking my ball and going home, hmph! We’ll draw winners around this time next week.

Flynn: Son of Crimson is available in physical form exclusively from Super Rare Games. If you’re interested, though, act quick! Once they sell out, this sucker is gone for good!

Dtoid Contest: Win Flynn: Son of Crimson on Switch from Super Rare Games

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