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Sea of Thieves: The Shrouded Deep: Hunter’s Beloved Figurehead guide

There is a new adventure has been added to the Sea of Thieves and it is called The Shrouded Deep. This is an adventure to find a powerful Relic that lies within the belly of the Shrouded Ghost. This adventure gives two Mementos on completion in which you get Hunter’s Beloved Figurehead cosmetic and the Summoner of Myths title. In this guide, we tell you how to get Hunter’s Beloved Figurehead cosmetic.

The Shrouded Deep

The Shrouded Deep adventure is available in the adventure tab from April 21st to May 12th for all the pirates. You can participate in this adventure until the given time, you cannot do this adventure after May 12th. To complete this adventure, you need to work with the other 4 pirates to summon the shrouded ghost and defeat him. Once you’ve repelled Flame Heart’s forces and defeated the shrouded ghost, you must speak with Belle to complete the adventure.

The Shrouded Deep

Start Adventure & Find Merrick and Belle

To start this adventure, you need to talk to larinna at any active outposts of Sea of Thieves. Once you’ve found her, speak with her and you’ll see several different dialogues that you can select, choose the last option which will be “[BEGIN ADVENTURE]”. After speaking to her, you’ll get the letter that will tell you the last seen location of Merrick’s ship The Killer Whale was at the coordinates M12.

Start Adventure & Find Merrick and Belle

Summon Shrouded Ghost

After this, talk to her again and select “[CONTINUE ADVENTURE]”. This option will prompt you with four new options to choose. These options will be to seek out all four souls to summon the shrouded ghost. Select any one of them to continue. You have to gather all four of the souls in order to summon the shrouded ghost. After you’ve collected 1 soul, talk to Belle again to select the other soul as the objective. Collect all four of the souls to complete this chapter of the adventure.

Summon Shrouded Ghost

Gather four other pirates at the summoning table and select an instrument of your choice. Keep all other pirates close to the summoning table as well. Now you need to play the Summon the Megalodon Shanty. Continue to play the shanty until you fully charged the ritual table, after all five pirates are playing the same shanty long enough to charge the ritual table. The ritual will be complete and an encounter with the Shrouded ghost will begin.

Defeating Shrouded Ghost

There’ll be a total of four waves in this fight, in the first wave you’ll be fighting the Shrouded ghost. To damage him you can use your cannonballs and your firearms. Once you have dealt enough damage to the shrouded ghost, he will dive into the sea and the next wave will start.

You’ll encounter the ghost ships from Flame Heart’s fleet, once you’ve defeated enough ships, they will retreat, and then the third wave will start.

In the third wave, captain ships from Flame Heart’s fleet will appear and the shrouded ghost will also join the fight. You want to focus on damaging the shrouded ghost and you move on to the next wave. The captain ships of Flame Heart’s will take up to 10 cannonballs to sink.

In the fourth and the last wave, you’ll encounter the fleet as well as the shrouded ghost. In this wave, you also want to focus on the shrouded ghost to defeat him. This is the hardest wave in all of this fight. Once you’ve defeated the shrouded ghost. Jump into the water and grab the Relic from the beast.

Get Hunter’s Beloved Figurehead

Go and talk to Belle to complete this adventure and you’ll get Hunter’s Beloved Figurehead cosmetic as a reward.

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