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Best Style Gaming Speaker 2019


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Brand Name: Aiyima
Communication: Coaxial Input
Audio Crossover: Three-Way
Built-in Microphone: No
Number of Loudspeaker Enclosure: 1
Intelligent Personal Assistant: None
Channels: 1
Display Screen: No
Battery: No
Speaker Type: Bookshelf
Cabinet Material: Wood
Power Source: None
Feature: None
Support Apt-x: No
Model Number: 4Inch
Output Power: Other
Display Screen: No
Waterproof: No
Remote Control: No
Support Memory Card: No
Playback Function: Other
Frequency Range: Other
Material: Metal
Voice Control: No
Support APP: No

Structure: aluminum plate weight


Built-in type, it is recommended to install the hole again (recommended glue fixing)


Outer diameter: 120MMM


Height: 19MM


Built-in opening: 113MM



  The bass radiator is also called passive speaker. It is used to replace the inverted tube. The subwoofer made with the radiator has the following advantages compared with the traditional inverted subwoofer. The low frequency dive depth is equivalent to the reverse type. However, the sense of speed is obviously faster than that of the reverse type, which has the advantage of a certain closed box, and at the same time completely eliminates the drawback of the inverted structure - that is, the wind noise brought by the inverted nozzle. So I like to dive deep, but friends who have higher requirements for bass speed are the best choice to make subwoofers with radiation basins.


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