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PlayStation Plus May lineup locks in FIFA 22, Tribes of Midgard, and more

Sony has confirmed the lineup for May 3

[Update: Sony announced the May 2022 games for PlayStation Plus subscribers.]

We’ve got a heads-up on the next batch of free-with-your-subscription PlayStation Plus games, so hold tight and don’t buy anything prematurely. According to a leak out of Dealabs, the May 2022 lineup for PlayStation Plus will include FIFA 22, Tribes of Midgard, and Curse of the Dead Gods, the latter of which is a hidden-gem roguelike action game.

We’re at a place in the console divide where it’s worth asking which platforms are supported. In this case — according to the leak, at least — FIFA 22 will be claimable for PS4/PS5, Tribes of Midgard will be PS4/PS5, and Curse of the Dead Gods will be PS4-only.

There’s a contingent of players who prefer to only ever pick up sports games through subscription programs like PS Plus or EA Play. And then there are folks like me who always redeem whatever sports game shows up with no intention of playing it. For a lot of folks, FIFA 22 will be a good get. Personally, though, I’ve had my eye on the other two.

Curse of the Dead Gods boss screenshot
Curse of the Dead Gods.

You know FIFA, but what about the others?

Tribes of Midgard left an impression on me during last year’s summer of streams; it’s a co-op survival action-RPG about thrashing giants before they can wreck your town. The premise seemed fun, but I was never convinced I’d stick with it all the way, so I held off.

Curse of the Dead Gods, on the other hand, is a solitary skill-driven roguelike game set in a relentless temple. I’ve wanted to play it — the under-the-radar buzz sounded pretty good! — but I’ve also heard it can be a very demanding game once you’re in the thick of it.

Sometimes — a lot of the time, actually — it pays to hesitate. If you’re a PlayStation Plus member, check back in during the first week of May to claim these PS4 and PS5 games.

It won’t be much longer now before the PS Plus scene gets more complicated.

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