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New Star Path – The Wonder of Pixar

The new 5th Major Update of Disney Dreamlight is live now and it has a lot of new story content alongside a new Star Path named The Wonder of Pixar. The new Star Path includes new cosmetics, characters’ skins, furniture, and much more. All of these rewards can be earned through completing the small duties of the new Star Path.

In this guide, we’ll tell you about the new Star Path in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

The Wonder of Pixar – Star Path

The Wonder of Pixar is the 5th Star Path that comes out with a new update and it is due to the completion of 100 Years of Disney. The new Star Path includes the Motifs and Character Skins of all the infamous characters of Pixar like Dory and Buzz Lightyear. The Wonder of Pixar Star Path comes in two versions, Standard Star Path, and Premium Star Path.

The Standard Star Path is free with the game so, all the players would be able to participate in the Star Path and complete the duties to claim rewards. The Premium Star Path is paid and it unlocks more star path missions in the Duties section of the Star Path. The Premium Star Path can be bought for 2,500 Moonstones and after upgrading to the premium star path, you will unlock 3 more missions in the duties section. So basically, it allows you to complete more missions on a daily basis and will allow you to get rewards more quickly.

The Star Path progression is the same as the early Star Paths of the game. If you have been playing the game from early access or previous update then you might know that in order to progress in the Star Path, you will have to buy Rewards from the tier. As there are 7 Tiers in total in the Wonder of Pixar Star Path, so in order to unlock the 2nd tier, you will have to buy 3 rewards from the 1st tier of rewards. You can buy any 3 rewards and it will unlock the next tier.

Disney Dreamlight Valley: New Star Path – The Wonder of Pixar

The missions will refresh every day so, you will have to complete them every day to gain points through which you can buy rewards from the Star Path. The missions are not lengthy and it will take hardly 10 minutes to complete all 6 missions if you have premium activated.

The Wonder of Pixar Star Path will remain live until August 6, 2023. The time duration is a total of 60 Days so it is enough time to get all of the rewards in the Star Path.

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