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New Digimon Story Game Still in Development

New Digimon Story Game

First mentioned a few years ago, Bandai Namco has confirmed that a new Digimon Story game is still in development. It should be something to keep an eye on, since previous Digimon Story titles — namely Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth — have been really good creature-taming RPGs.

This new game hasn’t been officially revealed yet, but producer Kazumasa Habu — speaking at Digimon Con 2022 over the weekend — dropped some key details. First off, the title will take place in the Digital World — that’s the strange dimension where digimon live — which suggests that there might not be a real-world element, as is the case in the aforementioned Cyber Sleuth.

What’s more, Habu says that the game will feature the ’12 Olympians’ — 12 super powerful digimon that are based on Greek gods. Some of them have appeared in previous Digimon Story titles, but they’ve never been a primary focus. Should be an interesting point for all you hardcore digi-heads.

What are you hoping for from this new Digimon Story game? List your most wanted features in the comments section below.

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