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Netflix announces new anime adaptation Tekken: Bloodline – Destructoid

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Brand new series to premiere later in 2022

It was a pretty neat weekend for fighting game fans. Not only did we get to see Guilty Gear reveals its newest DLC character, but we also got a release date for Nexon’s DNF Duel, and the reveal of Tekken: Bloodline, a new anime adaptation of Bandai Namco’s famous fight franchise, headed to Netflix in 2022.

As you can see from the teaser trailer above, Tekken: Bloodline will spin the yarn of wayward youth Kazuya Mishima, who will put their terrible temper, eye for ambition, and incredible martial arts skills to the test when brought face to face with the father, the dangerous capitalist and martial arts experts Heihachi Mishima. In addition, we will also see the rise of Kazuya’s own son, the morally-torn Jin Kazama, who will experience their own warfare on both a familial and spiritual level.

The short teaser also gives us glimpses of roster veterans such as King, Paul Phoenix, Jun Kazama, Ogre, and new boy Leroy Smith. This will not be the first adaptation of the Tekken story — there have been numerous animes, animated movies, and even a couple of piss-poor live-action ventures — but Netflix will no doubt be hoping that this take on the lore will make a huge impact on anime fans in general and Tekken fans in particular.

Tekken: Bloodline is currently in production. It is expected to premiere on Netflix later in 2022.

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