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Lost Ark: How To Unlock Respect, Polite, or Frustration Emotes

In Lost Ark, there are quests from time to time in which you have to use different emotes. For example, there is a quest called “With Grace and Elegance quest” in which you have to use the Polite emote. There are also other quests in which you have to show frustration or show respect via an emote. If you then try to execute the emote via the emote menu or via the chat command, it is displayed as unavailable. The question is, how can I learn and unlock emotes in Lost Ark?

How To Unlock and Learn Emotes In Lost Ark

In order to be able to use the emotes mentioned, such as polite or frustration, you have to learn them beforehand. The emotes are automatically unlocked in the course of the story and you receive an item for them. If you use the item, the respective emote is unlocked and can then be used either via the emote window (Z key) or via the corresponding command in the chat.

The “Emote” item cannot be traded, nor can it be destroyed. So you don’t have to worry that you might accidentally throw away, sell or destroy the item somewhere.

In short, if an emote is displayed as unavailable, simply open the inventory with the I key and see if the emote item is already in the inventory. If this is not the case, just keep completing the quests, and sooner or later you will receive the item as a quest reward.

That’s how to get the Polite Emote in Lost Ark. Hopefully this straightforward guide helps you out if you were stuck! For other content, check out our website’s Lost Ark section.

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