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Lost Ark: Guardians Record and How to get them

Guardians’ Records are the collectible items in Los Ark which is the record of the Vaigrys. This Item is a must need to complete Tom Adventure. This Item Cannot be dismantled.


Guardians’ Records can be found in the continent of North Vern.


Guardians Raids

Guardians’ Raids are the end-game activity. These activities are available after you get Level 50 in Lost Ark. You have to complete Chaos Dungeon in order to unlock Guardian Raids. For Guardians Raids you must have a team of 3 to 4 players to defeat the Guardian. Guardians are divided by their level and Tier. Players are given 20minutes to complete and find a guardian. You can attempt 2 times per day.

How to get Guardians’ Record

You have to defeat the Guardian in order to get the rewards. For the Guardians’ to defeat you must have a team. Because you can’t defeat him alone. This Quest also encourages to make a team. Once you defeat the Guardians’ you will be rewarded by Guardians’ Record. Guardians’ Record is likely to be dropped by the Guardians with “Yellow Auras”.

How to get Guardians’ Record

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