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How to Make the Pumpkin Soup

The Miracles Take Time is the very first new quest that players will get to solve when they first enter the Dreamlight Valley. This quest is mainly for Fairy Godmother who is a new character added in the latest update of the game. Completion of this quest will also unlock Fairy Godmother and let her come to the Valley as a Villager and players would be able to solve her main and friendship quests.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to complete the Miracles Take Time Quest in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

Miracles Take Time Quest Walkthrough

The Miracles Take Time quest will automatically start after the cutscene of a strange noise in the Pumpkin House. You need to go to the Pumpkin House in the Forgotten Lands Biome to investigate the noise. When you go near the house, you will be able to go inside it and you will see Fairy Godmother standing inside. Talk to her and go through the dialogue and you will get an objective to gather 5x Purified Night Shards.

You need to craft the Purified Night Shards at the Crafting Station. Use 25x Night Shard and 5x Dream Shard to craft 5x Purified Night Shards. Once you have crafted them, go back to the Pumpkin House to give the Shards to Fairy Godmother. Now, follow Fairy Godmother to Dreamscape and talk to her. She will reveal the entrance of the Dreamscape. Interact with the Treehouse to enter the Dreamscape and then talk to her. She will tell you to gather the Memories placed on the pedestals in the Dreamscape.

Gather all three Memories from different Pedestals and talk to Fairy Godmother. Follow her to the first gate in Dreamscape and interact with it. Talk to Mickey in front and you will get the objective to gather 5x Ugly Flowers. The flowers be around the area so simply go walk around and pick up the shiny flowers on the ground. Now, you need to craft the Hideous Bouquet with these flowers. Access the Crafting Station on the side of Goofy’s House and craft the Hideous Bouquet. The recipe for it will be inside the Functional Items Tab.

Miracles Take Time Quest Walkthrough

After crafting the bouquet, go to the pillar to find Minnie and give her the bouquet. Now, go back to Mickey and talk to him. Go through the dialogues and then go to Goofy near the pond. He will give you a Shrimp and will tell you to make him a Nasty Bouillabaisse. You need to gather the following ingredients around the area for the recipe.

  • 1x Rotten Carrot
  • 1x Rotten Tomato
  • 2x Rotten Clam

The carrot will be behind Goofy’s House, Tomato will be near the barrels in front of Goofy’s House, and the clams will be near the ponds. Once you have gathered the ingredients, go to the Cooking Station near Goofy to cook the Nast Bouillabaisse and give it to him. Talk to Minnie again and you will get back to Dreamscape. Pick up the Memory of Friendship from the Pedestal and talk to Fairy Godmother.

Now, follow Fairy Godmother to the second gate in Dreamscape and interact with it. Go ahead and talk to Mother Gothel in front and then follow her to the Pillar of Trust. Interact with the Pillar to rip out the Orb of Trust from the Pillar. Show the orb to Mother Gothel and she will tell you to fish out the Jewel-Encrusted Mirror from the water in Glade of Trust. Go to the small pond and use the fishing rod to cast the line inside the golden circle and fish out the Jewel-Encrusted Mirror. Talk to Mother Gothel and she will try to trap you but end up trapping herself.

Miracles Take Time Quest Walkthrough

You will get back to Dreamscape and you need to pick up the Memory of Trust from the Pedestal in front. Talk to Fairy Godmother and then go to the third gate in Dreamscape and interact with it. Step through the gate and you will have to talk to Scar standing near the pillar. He will tell you to crush the flowers around the Sunlit Plateau to weaken the Pillar’s Energy. Go around the area and interact with the flowers to crush them. Once you have crushed 8x Flowers, go back to Scar and talk to him.

He will give you Night Thorn Seeds and tell you to plant the seeds around Sunlit Plateau. You need to plant 5x Night Thorn Seeds near Giant Dreamlight Tree, Pillar of Nurturing, mine entrance, and waterfall. Once you have placed and watered 5x Night Thorn Seeds at each location, the Orb of Nurturing will fall off the Pillar. Go and recover the orb and then go to Scar’s cave to talk to him. Scar will get trapped inside the cave and you will get to talk to Merlin. Go through the dialogues with Merlin and you will come back to Dreamscape.

Pick up the final memory from the pedestal and talk to Fairy Godmother. It will conclude the quest and Fairy Godmother will come to the Valley to talk to Merlin. You would still have to complete her other main quests before you get to complete her Friendship Quests.

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