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How to easily defeat the Chimera Boss

In Elden ring there is no specific way to play it, there are no restrictions to the playstyle. The players can access and go to any side of the map and explore and get items from different places.

Elden Ring: Areas to Play in Correct Order

As the map of the Elden ring is so enormous and so many places to go and fight different enemies but all the enemies are different in difficulty. Your player will start from level 1 and you can enhance your level by resting on the site of grace and selecting the level up option. You can enhance your player attributes from it with the runes you have collected by killing the enemies. Higher the level and you can defeat the higher difficulty enemies but there is a correct order to start passing your game. As there are main story bosses and side bosses that you can defeat and get cool weapons and ashes of war from them but you cannot easily defeat higher difficulty bosses at the start of your game due to low level.

Territory order for the level of 1-50

In this order, the First story’s main boss that you will fight is Godrick the Grafted.
He will be in Stormveil Castle and the required level for this boss is 30.

Levels Areas
1-15 West of Limgrave
10-20 Storm Hill
10-20 East of Limgrave
20-30 Peninsula of Tears
30-40 Stormveil Castle
40-50 Liurnia of the Lakes

Territory order for the level of 50-100

The main boss that you will fight for your progress in the main story of the game is Rennala, Queen of the Full Moon. She will be in the Academy of Raya Lucaria. The required level to defeat her is 50.

Another main boss that you will fight in this territory is Radahn, Scourge of the Stars. He will be in the south of Caelid. The required level to defeat him is 60.

Levels Areas
50-60 Academy of Raya Lucaria
50-60 Ainsel River
50-60 Siofra River
60-70 South of Caelid
60-80 Altus Plateau
70-80 Nokron, Eternal City
70-80 Siofra Aqueduct
80-90 Deeproot Depths
80-100 Gelmir
80-100 Lake of Rot

Territory order for the level of 100-150

In this territory, you will fight many bosses and the final boss of the game also. So, the boss that you will fight first in this territory will be Morgott, The Omen King. He will be in Leyndell, Royal Capital and the required level for him to defeat is 90.

Moving on through the lift of rold you will fight the Fire Giant on the Forge of a giant.

Then you will fight the Maliketh, The Black Blade. He will be in the Crumbling Farum Azula and the required level is 120 to defeat him.

Then make your way to Mequilla’s Haligtree you will fight several bosses and in Haligtree you will fight Malenia, Sword of Mequilla. You need at least level 120 to defeat her.

Then you will fight Godfrey, First Lord of the Circle on the Golden Tree. The required level to defeat him is 120-150. But the recommendation is to level up your character to 150 as the next boss fight will be the last boss fight.

The last Boss fight is with Radagon and Circle Beast in the heart of the Golden Tree. The required level is 150.

Levels Areas
90-110 Dragon Temple
90-110 Leyndell, Royal Capital
100-120 Forbidden Lands through Grand lift of Rold
100-120 Mountaintops of The Giants
110-140 Mohgwyn Palace
120-150 Miquella’s Haligtree
120-150 Crumbling Farum Azula
120-150 Leyndell, Ashen Capital
120-150 Endings

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