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Gran Turismo 7’s Prestige Cars to Be Dynamically Priced by Real-World Valuation Company

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Okay, we could get behind the Elvis Presley song and even the moon landing footage, but this is just weird. Gran Turismo 7’s prestige vehicles, Legend Cars, will have their in-game prices dynamically altered by real-world insurance and valuation specialists, Hagerty. This means, as the price of a specific model changes in real-life, those fluctuations will be reflected in-game.

You’ll find Hagerty branding all over the virtual dealership that houses the Legend Cars, and even company CEO McKeel Hagerty will make a cameo. The idea is that the in-game prices – which range anywhere from 150,000 Credits to 20,000,000 Credits – will rise and fall in lockstep with their real-world counterparts. We think this is innocent, but given the news on the release’s controversial microtransactions, it doesn’t take a cynic to start raising eyebrows.

Even more weirdly, if you’re a member of the Hagerty Drivers Club, you can redeem a voucher granting you a free car from the Legend Cars dealership – complete with an exclusive livery. Look, we understand that promotional crossovers are part-and-parcel with Gran Turismo, but this one seems a bit OTT to us.

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