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Gran Turismo 7’s New Approach to Microtransactions Isn’t Going Down Well

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During the long-term, post-launch support of Gran Turismo Sport, Polyphony Digital added countless new cars to the game, making them all available for purchase individually at varying prices. For Gran Turismo 7, the approach to microtransactions has shifted, and some are taking issue with it.

Basically, the in-game purchases now boil down to buying more credits — Gran Turismo’s currency. On the PlayStation Store, you can spend £15.99 / $19.99 to receive 2 million credits, or less for lower denominations, of course. What this means is, instead of picking and choosing the cars you want with your real-world money, you’re effectively at the mercy of the in-game economy. If there’s a vehicle you want for 3 million credits, you’ll either have to earn them legitimately through play, or fork over the cash. Potentially, cars that were one price in GT Sport could now cost you much more, if you were to buy credits.

Obviously, this is no different to many other modern games, but it’s still not great. Combined with some of the game’s more desirable rides rotating in and out of availability at the Legend Cars shop, it’s understandable that some players are disappointed in this approach.

It’s worth noting that you don’t have to spend any extra money to get anywhere in GT7; Assistant Editor Liam Croft, who played the racer for review, assures he never felt low on credits during play. You can definitely get the cars you want without touching microtransactions — you might just need to spend some extra time on the track to afford it instead.

Again, this is a very common thing in games these days, and Polyphony has already expressed its plans to support the game long into the future. This was always going to be a live service game, and these microtransactions are part and parcel of that — but don’t let them get in the way of what is otherwise a fantastic sim racer.

How do you feel about Gran Turismo 7’s microtransactions? Do they bother you? Will you be boosting your credits to get your favourite cars faster? Give us your thoughts in the comments section below.

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