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Genshin Impact has reportedly racked up $3 billion in revenue since launch – Destructoid

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There are money-making games, and then there are money-making games. And it appears that miHoYo’s gacha title Genshin Impact is most assuredly one of the latter — According to a new report by the number crunchers over at Sensor Tower, the anime-infused adventure title has earned a staggering $3 billion USD in revenue since its initial launch in the fall of 2020.

The lovely ladies of the land of Teyvat have been unsurprisingly successful at keeping a massive army of players coming back for more, drop-feeding characters, quests, limited-time events, and other content to its users over the past two years. Perhaps even more shockingly, Sensor Tower’s numbers seem to correlate only to the iOS and Android mobile editions of Genshin Impact, so the figure does not even factor in sales on PlayStation and PC.

Genshin Impact is still not quite the biggest earner in the biz, however, and sits behind Tencent’s mobile juggernaut Honor of Kings on the list of annual top-earners. However, at this point, it seems that GI‘s income only shows signs of acceleration, and thus it will be interesting to see how the playing field looks at the end of 2022. Regardless, GI has already become one of the fastest-earning video games of all time.

The report comes during something of a tumultuous week for miHoYo, who have been forced to postpone the launch of GI‘s newest update. While no official reason was offered for the delay of Version 2.7, it is believed that the emergency COVID lockdown restrictions activated in China have put a sudden stranglehold on much of the country’s industry. miHoYo is yet to announce a replacement release date.

Genshin Impact is available now on PlayStation, PC, and mobile platforms. A Nintendo Switch port is reportedly in the works, though updates have been very quiet on this edition’s development progress.

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