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Futuristic cat adventure Stray is aiming for the summer – Destructoid

Stray‘s big adventure heads for warmer weather

The adorable futuristic cat-hero adventure Stray has a new release window. Rather than earlier in the year, it looks like Stray has been quietly shifted to later on in the summer for PS4, PS5, and PC.

The new timing appeared in a PlayStation indies update on Twitter. Stray is shown first in the montage, with text saying it will be out in summer 2022. (As spotted by Eurogamer.)

This is a little bit further out than initially expected. BlueTwelve Studio’s adventure game had previously been expected to launch in early 2022. Now, it looks like the team’s taking a little extra time.

Stray cat strut

Though it’s taking a little extra time, it does seem like Stray is coming along. Today, publisher Annapurna Interactive posted a little teaser. The indie publishing house posted a snapshot of a Steam landing page for Stray, with the Play button lit up in green.

Hopefully this means some news is forthcoming. Maybe a new look at the cat adventure? Stray has been consistently adorable and impressive in past showings. The idea of playing a stray feline in a futuristic, robotic world is certainly appealing. And visually, Stray looks fantastic in its previews, so hopefully it really makes an impression on the PS5 when it hits.

A few other PlayStation-related indies have their launch windows locked in as well. Indie band narrative adventure We Are OFK is also aiming for summer 2022, while Cult of the Lambs is targeting the fall of 2022. I got to check out Cult of the Lamb at Devolver’s booth at PAX East recently, and it really surprised me. Turns out, adorable animals in dark settings is just a winning combination.

We’ll see how Stray shapes up in the summer it seems, when it hits PlayStation 4, PS5, and PC.

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