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Full list of Jobs available and how to get them

Affinity is very important in the progression and boosting of the Jobs, while Jobs are the most crucial part in the Strangers of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin. Job is linked with Affinity and it will give your Job Affinity bonuses, for a certain job Skill, the affinity will boost the skill and give you extra damage and different boosts that will help you in battles.

Strangers of Paradise: FFO: What is Affinity and How does it work?

In this guide, you will learn about how Affinity works.

Affinity and its use

Affinity is basically the experience points you gain in the battles for the Jobs you are using in the battles. You can go to the Battle Menu and in the Equipment section, you will find the percentage of Job Affinity a certain piece of equipment has that you are wearing.

Depending on what type of gear you are using you don’t have to be in the specific class to use the Affinity bonuses. Affinity bonuses will carry on to help you in the battles and give your Job more experience to improve on the skill tree. Some of your equipment for the different Jobs will carry over the Affinity bonuses, such as you can use Monk’s equipment and still receive the Affinity bonus that you have for the Dragoon Job. The equipment will still level you up in the Job skill tree.

Strangers of Paradise: FFO: What is Affinity and How does it work?

The one thing you should turn on is to go in the settings and menu settings and set the Optimize Equipment setting to “Selected Character Battle Sets”.

Affinity will increase by wearing the equipment that has it more on a Job. It will also give you passive abilities boost. The best way is to equip the armor and everything with the most percentage of Affinity, this will give the most Job Affinity boost possible which can also be used to unlock better skills for battles. So, you should try and complete the Job skill tree as this will also boost your Affinity and you can counter-change it with your other Job you’ll get Affinity bonuses for both which will make battles much easier for you and leveling up easy.

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