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First Elden Ring VR, now a Game Boy demake? Bring it on

Elden Ring Game Boy

A demo could come as early as May

Elden Ring Game Boy has a nice ring to it. I would definitely play more From Software games in retro form, but for now, we have fan projects.

This one is crafted by shin, who shared their build on Reddit. Right now this build begins with the opening moments of the game, before you actually get to Limgrave. That essentially includes The Chapel of Anticipation, and the first “boss.”

You don’t actually “die” after fighting this customary tutorial bout, but as shin points out, they haven’t done any work on Limgrave yet, so they opted to just go for a game over screen for simplicity. It plays out a lot like Zelda: Link’s Awakening, with a similar aesthetic and the “front-facing sword” attack mechanic. It even has a dodge roll!

So what will become of this project in terms of public access? Thankfully, shin is hopeful that it’ll actually be playable! They note that they want to “release a demo by the end of May,” and will be hosting it on Itch. If you’re interested, they are streaming the development of this demake on their Twitch channel. People often downplay the amount of work that goes into demakes or retro projects, and seeing the process upfront is a fascinating look into that world.

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