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Final Fantasy XIV boss says the 6.X story is done, work has begun on 7.0

Final Fantasy XIV 7.0

Also known as the next expansion

Final Fantasy XIV 7.0 is already underway, as producer Naoki “Yoshi P” Yoshida confirms that the team has wrapped the 6.X storyline.

The news comes via an interview from

“The plot for the main scenario in the Patch 6.X series has already been completed and we’ve decided on its conclusion. Currently, script-related work for several patches and work on the detailed plot are underway. In fact on my end, I’m already deciding on what I envision for 7.0. You see, Final Fantasy XIV is tough work.”

Breaking this down, what Yoshida means here by “6.X” is the Endwalker expansion as a whole. Originally released under the “6.0” moniker, the X denotes all future patches, which are accompanied by further main story quests (MSQs) that continue the narrative of the game. With the plot “completed,” it’s time for Yoshida to start planning out 7.0, which will be the next full expansion for the game.

Although we already knew that Final Fantasy XIV would continue on for a long while as a flagship game for Square Enix, Yoshida is fully reconfirming the existence of the next expansion, which is great news. Of course, an MMO is comprised of much more than just a script (which is what Yoshida is referring to here): as mechanical work, balance changes, quality of life upgrades, content, sound design, and voice/visual work will take some time.

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