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Fallout 76 is migrating to Steam next week

Fallout 76 is migrating to Steam

The switch flips on Wednesday, April 27

Fallout 76 is migrating to Steam very soon, and Bethesda just put up a reminder, with links to all of the FAQs needed to make it a smooth transition.

Again, here are the main details:

  • The migration starts on April 27, at which point the “migration tool” app will open for business (and microtransactions will be disabled in the Bethesda launcher).
  • You use that app to transfer “your games, progress, and wallet balances over to Steam” from the Bethesda launcher (you will need to fully redownload the game, so plan accordingly if you have ISP limitations).
  • You have until May 11 to play Fallout 76 through the Bethesda launcher: after that date, the game will be removed and you’ll be forced to migrate to Steam.

Of course, all of the Bethesda launcher games are migrating to Steam, but the biggest one is arguably Fallout 76, as it’s one of the most-played titles on the platform: and it has the most monetary attachment bells and whistles. The Elder Scrolls Arena, The Elder Scrolls Daggerfall, Creation Kit for Fallout 4 and Skyrim Special Edition, and Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory are all Steam games as well from here on out on PC.

If you migrate early, you’ll get a small bonus: “everyone who makes the effort to migrate between April 27 and May 11 by awarding you 10 rank-ups on the Season 9 Scoreboard. These gift ranks will be applied shortly after the start of Season 9 in June.”

Fallout 76 is migrating to Steam FAQs:

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