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Elden Ring: Siofra River map & map Fragments

Siofra River is a new place in Elden Ring that feels different. This place is full of fragments, ruins, and enemies.

Siofra Map Fragments

When you enter the Siofra River area toward the east just between huge pillars with lightning fire on them there is a large open area with a stairway to the east. You will find a dead body resting within the pillar to the right side. This pillar has the map Fragment. This new area has great access to crafting materials and new enemies including ghosts of warriors from bygone eras.

Siofra Map Fragments
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Siofra River: How to access the area

After getting the fragments you have the access to enter the location on the map. You can enter the Siofra River by entering the lift inside the Siofra River well can be found in the heart of Mistwood in east Limgrave. When you reached the lift it will automatically light up and take you to the Siofra River. Apart from the beauty of this place you have to level up before you enter the place because there is plenty of danger. Another beautiful thing about this place is it has an underground map but you have to complete the sites of grace. This place has a rewarding experience. You can switch between both places Above and Underground.

Siofra River: How to access the area

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