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Elden Ring: How to get Celestial Dew and Reset Hostility

If you’re the type of player that gets frustrated by NPCs and attacks them to kill them. This is the guide for you. You can reset the NPCs if you’ve attacked them. Or if you accidentally attacked and are curious why they disappeared and how to get them back to continue with their quests.

There is a possibility of resetting the hostility of the NPCs. Just like in the Dark Souls game you can do Absolution to atone for your sins. You can also do something similar in Elden Ring.

Finding Celestial Dew

First, you have to find the Celestial Dew, which is the item you will use to atone for your sins and recover the NPCs. You’ll have to go Eastern Tableland and make your way up north where you’ll find a Chamber with an elevator. You have to go down the elevator. There is a lost grace besides the elevator when you make it to Ainsel River. You can use it to enable fast travel.

You have to keep on moving the path on Ainsel River and you’ll reach Uhl Palace ruins. You can find the Celestial Dew item there.

Finding Celestial Dew

There is also a Merchant Hermit there which also sells the Celestial Dew in Uhl Palace ruins. You can also go to him and purchase Celestial Dew from him by using your runes.

Finding Celestial Dew

Atone your Sins

You have to go to the Church of vows and use Celestial Dew there to atone for your sins. Make your way to the Church of vows the location for which is shown on the map.

Atone your Sins

Once you’ve reached the church of Vows, you need to enter the church and you’ll see there is a statue. You have to go to the statue and atone thereby using Celestial Dew from your inventory and you’ll receive the absolution. You can now go back to the NPC you by force or accidentally killed and continue with your quests and journey in Elden Ring.

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