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Elden Ring: Comet Azur Location and Build

Comet Azur is a special item in Elden Ring which is called Sorcery. It’s one of the rare items that you can equip. Comet Azur Spell creates a giant comet that is like a blue fire and can give a lot of damage to the enemies from long distances. You can fight a vast variety of enemies from distance. Comet Azur is the strongest Sorcery.

Comet Azur

As this is the most powerful sorcery and late-game spell. It transfers all your FP into the damage. This spell requires 60 intelligence so you don’t have much room left for your fp and mind attributes. It cost 40 to cast and 10 for each take and uses three memory slots just to equip. You need to be at level 100 to use this at his full potential

Comet Azur


First, you need to head towards Seethe-Water Terminus. For that, you have to access Hermit Village in Mt. Gelmir.

Comet Azur Location

The first thing you will encounter on the way is Tibia Mariner which is a side boss you can skip this boss to reach the target place.

Tibia Mariner

Tibia Mariner is a ghostly skeleton boss riding on a boat. He does multiple attacks having a large hunting horn.

Tibia Mariner

How to defeat Tibia Mariner

While fighting with the boss you will also encounter many skeletons of this boss. Charge a green symbol and teleport to different locations after fading away. They can hit you while teleporting. This boss will raise his boat and smash on the target and very good accuracy. Runa is away while this happens and rolls against the attacking side.

How to defeat Tibia Mariner


You will be rewarded by Skeletal Militiaman Ashes and 2400 Runes.

Skeletal Militiaman Ashes elden ring

After heading forward you will see two sites of grace rest at the sites. You will reach the lava place where you will encounter another boss called Magma Wyrm. You can also skip this boss

Magma Wyrm

Magma Wyrm is a boss in Elden Ring. Magma Wyrm is a dragon that has a giant sword. Magma Wyrm throws molten lava from his mouth, a very quick and aggressive boss.

Magma Wyrm

How to defeat Magma Wyrm

This dragon has lava around him and has a massive curve Sword. Swung his tail around to give damage. Look the direction of the tail and roll toward the opposite side of the swung direction. Throw molten lava from his mouth to the forward direction move right or left to create distance to save yourself. Also, do lava smashes on the ground.

How to defeat Magma Wyrm


You will be rewarded with Magma Wyrm’s Scalesword, Dragon heart 7200 Runes.

Moving forward after defeating this boss alongside graves within the hills you will discover a site of Grace, after that, you will reach Hermit Village.

You will encounter another boss named as Demi-Human Queen Maggie which you can also skip.

Demi-Human Queen Maggie

Demi-Human Queen Maggie is a boss in Elden Ring. This is a dark white skeleton boss having a long stick in his right hand.

How to defeat Demi-Human Queen Maggie

This boss can slam and stab on the ground horizontally also smash his left hand on the ground also do some magic blue attacks towards you which will also follow you. This is the easy boss to defeat once you understand his attack pattern. Just stay close to his body and attack.


After defeating this boss you will get Memory Stone and 13000 Runes as a reward.

After defeating this boss you will find this Green NPC. Talk to him he will stay silent. After that, you will get Comet Azur.

Best Class Comet Azur

This is the best class you can create with Comet Azur but you need to get these materials. By combining them you can create the best magic class.

  • Magic-Shrouding Cracked Tear
  • Terra Magicus
  • Lusat’s Glingstone
Best Class Comet Azur

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