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Elden Ring: Arrows- How to Craft, Buy, and Switch

Arrow is a type of Ammunition used in long-ranged weapons such as Bows and Crossbows. So the players can deal with enemies and bosses from distance.

arrow elden ring

How to Craft

First, you have to buy the two items called Nomadic Warrior’s Cook-Book and Crafting kit from any of the NPC near the place of Grace.

  • Nomadic Warrior’s Cook-Book = 500 Runes
  • Crafting Kit = 300 Runes

After that, you need this material to craft the Arrow.

  • Beast Animal bones = 10
How to Craft

How to buy

  • You can buy arrows from Merchant Kale for 20 Runes. Kale is located in Limgrave church of Elleh.
  • From Isolated merchant in Weeping Peninsula.
  • From Nomadic Merchant in East Limgrave, Liurnia of the Lakes, North Limgrave, and Caelid. These merchants can be found in many places on the map.
How to buy

How to Switch

You cannot switch arrows because Elden Ring is divided into light and heavy attacks. While using samurai you will notice Samurai uses two types of ammo. So you have to set key binds in the setting of the game.

How to Switch

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