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Don’t miss the PlayStation Store’s Golden Week and Under $20 sales

Two sales at once means a lot of PS4 and PS5 deals to sift through, including new low prices

Major sales are happening on the PlayStation Store right now: the Golden Week Sale and a Games Under $20 promo. They’re here until May 11, and both are worth checking out.

As soon as I saw the deals for Death’s Door ($13.99) and Castlevania Advance Collection ($13.99), I knew I had to write something about these simultaneous sales, even though I’ve written a bunch of highlight articles before and there’s only so much left to say. Absolutely play these games when your time and budget — and backlog — allow.

Courtesy of the ever-watchful Deku Deals, there are low prices for games like Lost Judgment ($29.99), Dragon Quest Builders 2 ($23.99), Disaster Report 4: Summer Memories ($26.99), Tormented Souls ($12.99), Cat Quest II ($4.49), Shadow Warrior 3 ($29.99), It Takes Two ($15.59), Actraiser Renaissance ($20.99), Langrisser I & II ($19.99), KeyWe ($16.74), Disgaea 4 Complete+ ($19.99), and hell, Balan Wonderworld ($11.99).

(I don’t seriously recommend that you play Balan Wonderworld, but today’s drama between Square Enix and Yuji Naka was wild. If nothing else, satisfy your morbid curiosity with this fogged-out “Punished Bets” partial playthrough from Easy Allies instead.)

Lapis x Labyrinth
Lapis x Labyrinth.

For something a little different, CJ recommends Lapis x Labyrinth ($9.89), a colorful treasure-nabbing action-RPG from NIS. It’s a hidden gem for loot lovers.

Although there are a lot of RPGs and adaptations, the Golden Week sale is pretty varied if you dig deep enough, and the Under $20 sale is even more of a budget bin grab-bag.

Filtering only “full games” on the PlayStation Store, the Golden Week Sale has 300 deals, and the Under $20 sale has almost 600. It’s times like this where wishlists can really come in handy, though if you’re anything like me, you will never be a “wishlist” sorta person. Before long, planning becomes over-planning and the walls come closing in. I’d rather nab games here and there, in the moment, even if means being burned sometimes.

If you skim the full list and find anything noteworthy, let us know what you spot.

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