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Discover the truth about the Omni-Gem in Gem Wizards Tactics

Gem Wizards Tactics Xbox

If you are going to create a tactical RPG, the shape you choose for map spaces is absolutely crucial. There is a right answer and a wrong answer. The wrong answer is not hexagonal, meaning the right answer is unequivocally a hexagon. Therefore, I am pleased to announce that Gem Wizards Tactics is out today on Xbox and Nintendo Switch. And more importantly, it does use hexagons.

Gem Wizards Tactics is a tactical RPG with huge amounts of replayability. Using procedural generation, no two maps are going to play the same. And you can use and alter your surroundings. For example, freeze the river and push an enemy onto that square and watch them slide off. Line them up properly and you can even push them off the map! Or trap them within walls of flames and laugh as they die slowly over time. You know, like you used to do in The Sims back in the day. Don’t lie, we all removed the ladder from the swimming pool at one point in our lives.

Gem Wizards Tactics also features:

  • Randomly generated maps that will provide endless fun
  • Multiple fight mechanics that allow for a variety of tactics combinations!
  • 4 different nations, with a total of 26 units with unique powers – combine them to unleash hell!
  • Many play modes including Story mode, campaign and custom games
  • Map editor which will allow you to prepare your own war scenarios
  • Colourful pixel art visuals and a captivating soundtrack!

With five nations to choose from each with their own unique units for a total of 26 different units. How you choose to fight therefore is entirely up to you. Though finding the right unit for the right job may take a little bit of trial and error.

Gem Wizards Tactics is available on the Xbox Store now priced at £5.79. There is also an introductory discount dropping it to just £4.63. For an endlessly replayable game, that is a bit of a bargain. We will have a review coming very soon so stick around for that.

Game description

LEAD THE BATTLE Gem Wizards Tactics combines the familiar tactical game formula with multiple combat mechanics, and randomly generated maps making for hours of single-player fun! You’ll take part in a war that isn’t just about mashing the enemy – each battle is a complex puzzle to solve. CORPORATION FROM HELL Something demonical rises from down below. It’s evil, and they are in suits – they’re Business Demons. They’re to conquer whatever they can with their corporate hands! Follow the adventure of a young intern on an epic quest to find the truth about Omni-Gem! A WARGAME LIKE NO OTHER With five nations, and dozens of unique units – each with special skills to use – Gem Wizards Tactics will surprise you with the variety of methods available in the fight! Push your opponents off the edge of the board on the river you’ve just froze, block their path with flames to line them up and finish them off with a piercing attack or combine them to dominate the opponent – it’s up to you how creatively you lead the army!

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