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Crossout Season 8 Starts Now

crossout season 8

Season 8 in Crossout is known as Steel Gladiators. If you’ve purchased one of the Battle Passes for the game by now, then you will know what to expect. Once again there are two available. Let’s jump in and see what we have this time.

Steel Gladiators has 54 new levels to rank up in and all players who play during the season can unlock recipes, coin and building supplies. This is regardless of whether you own the Battle Pass or not.

Those that do plump for the Battle Pass can enjoy more coins, customisation items and four new CKs. These are:

  • Autocannon “AC62 Therm”
  • Rocket launcher “Trombone”
  • Drone “SD-15 Vulture”
  • Cabin “Hadron”

The new cabin was originally designed for space flight to deliver cargo. Since then, it has been adopted by The Dawn to work with weapons. Weapons such as the Vulture, a drone that stays invisible until an enemy is near and then it clings to important parts trying to destroy them. The Trombone doesn’t cause the most damage here, but it does greatly heat up parts within the blast radius. And the autocannon is a simplified but no less dangerous version of the Joule autocannon.

A new relic weapon has been found and available to be crafted. The Ripper disk launcher proved not only to be effective, but a lot of fun to fire. Disks can be lodged in environmental objects and then cause additional collision damage.

Steel Gladiators also brings a brand-new mode, Arena. Featuring frantic 3v3 combat it is a best of five match scenario. With matches designed to be fast paced and frenetic, if a winner is not decided within the time limit, a dead zone appear around the perimeter and begins to close into the centre. The better your performance during Season 8 will produce better rewards.

As usual, there are two flavours of Battle Pass. The standard one (£8.39) grants the user access to all tiers of the Steel Gladiators season. The Elite Battle Pass, £29.24 in price, does the same but offers a 15-level booster on top, meaning you get to the good stuff quicker. The Xbox Store will sort you out with both.

Still playing Crossout? How does that Arena mode sound to you? Let us know in the comments below.

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