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Xbox One X vs Xbox Series X- A Comparison Between the Video Game Consoles

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video game consolesMicrosoft’s video game consoles have always been powerful and effective. The Xbox brand features some of the best platforms out there in terms of gaming. In 2013, the Xbox One was revealed and became one of the most powerful video game systems available at the time. Despite this, the success of the Xbox One was pale compared to the success of the PlayStation 4, even though the consoles were almost perfectly matched.

However, Microsoft is now devoted to changing their luck with the Xbox Series X. The Series X is the newest and most powerful gaming console ever created by Microsoft. It is set to release during the holidays in 2020 and will be much more powerful than the Xbox One and Xbox One X. Given below is a detailed comparison of the Xbox One and the Xbox Series X which shows the clear superiority of the latter.

Compare Both Video Game Consoles


The original Xbox One has a pipeline capable of supporting 1.31 teraflops. The console uses an AMD Radeon GPU and has support for high refresh rates. It originally had a limit of 60 Hz but this was improved to 120 Hz which is exactly twice as much.

Series X on the other hand, has a custom GPU that has 52 different CUs capable of running at an impressive 1.825GHz. The GPU is also equipped with up to 12 teraflops of power. This means that the Xbox Series X will have up to 9 times the performance capabilities as compared to the Xbox One. This is also much better than the improved Xbox One, otherwise known as the Series X.


Much like the PS5, the Xbox Series X will also feature an SSD rather than a traditional storage hard drive. This is a huge improvement from the Xbox One and the One X as it will allow users to enjoy much faster loading times. This includes loading times in and outside of games.

The SSD will also allow users to run multiple games simultaneously. You will be able to run a game, play it for as long as you want, pause it, and then start another game. Once you’re done with the other video game, you can go back to the first game and start exactly where you left off without having to wait. Again, this is a huge improvement from the storage capabilities on previous Xbox consoles.


It must be said that Xbox was never known for its great exclusive content, however, that might be about to change with the introduction of the Series X. Xbox One had some good exclusives in the form of Halo and Forza, but even Halo is no longer exclusive for the platform.

However, this hasn’t stopped the line-up for the Xbox from looking quite impressive. Games like Halo infinite and Cyberpunk 2077 have already been confirmed for the console.

On top of this, a seemingly great exclusive, Hellblade 2, has also been confirmed for the platform. The console, just like the Xbox One, also has backward compatibility with almost all previous titles released on Xbox consoles which is also quite impressive.

Some highly anticipated cross-gen games such as Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla, Resident Evil: Village, and the above mentioned Cyberpunk 2077 have also been confirmed for the console.

Pricing and Release

The Xbox One was released during the holiday season and the Xbox Series X is following its steps. The Xbox One had a price of $499 at launch. No price has been confirmed for Series X but it is expected that the console will cost less than $600.