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What Was Mixer And Why Was It Shut Down?

In Gaming

what was mixer and why was it shut downThere have been many platforms for game streaming over the years, and lots of them could never make it big due to all the competition. But Mixer, even if just for a relatively short time, became what is arguably the most popular live streaming service around for gamers. Given below is everything you need to know about the once-popular platform.

What Was Mixer And Why Was It Shut Down?

As you can figure out by now, Mixer was a relatively popular live streaming service. It was a service created by Microsoft. While it wasn’t exactly exclusively for video game streaming only, a vast majority of content on the platform was gaming-related. The fame of Mixer was quite deserved in all fairness. It was one of the better platforms in terms of interactivity, as it had all kinds of features that streamers could enable to allow their viewers to change the way that they play the game.

This made viewing much more fun because viewers could technically do much more than just “view” the streams. It also gave content creators the chance to interact with their loyal fan-bases in better ways, which is something that viewers and streamers alike appreciated a lot. All of this certainly made Mixer one of the more-known platforms out there for game live streaming, but the platform peaked in its popularity for a very different reason.

In 2019, highly popular streamer Ninja announced that he was signing exclusively with Mixer and became the face of the platform. This attracted millions of Ninja’s loyal viewers to the platform. On top of this, popular streamer Shroud also began streaming exclusively on the platform. This meant that two of the world’s most popular video game live streamers were streaming only on Mixer, which made it one of the most popular, if not the most popular, video game live streaming platforms around. So taking all of this into account, the question that comes to mind is, why was Mixer shut down?

Why Was the Platform Was Shut Down?

Mixer was so popular and was bringing in a lot of money for Microsoft, which is why so many people were surprised by the news of its closing down. The news broke out in the middle of 2020 when Microsoft announced it would no longer be supporting Mixer and its time is coming to an end. The reason behind this is Facebook Gaming.

Facebook’s highly popular game streaming service was the reason behind Mixer’s closing down. Microsoft partnered with the popular social media company to merge Mixer and Facebook Gaming into one. This announcement came very suddenly and meant that the popular video game live streaming service was coming to an end after 4 years of being active and earning lots of popularity. The news saddened many, but Facebook Gaming also provides a lot of the same features as Mixer and is quite similar in other ways too, meaning that fans of the platform can still enjoy what they’re used to.