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Twitch's Extremely Popular Pogchamp Emote and the Controversy Behind it

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twitch pogchamp emoteTwitch’s chat feature is probably one of the best on the entire platform. It makes streams so much more enjoyable and fun. Some of Twitch’s most iconic moments are a direct result of the chat feature, and it is also a great means of the viewers connecting with content creators which is the most important thing of all. To allow users to express themselves as much as possible, Twitch has all kinds of fun emotes. Some of these emotes have become very popular, but there are few which have reached the heights of fame that the Pogchamp emote has. We’ll be discussing this emote in full detail today, along with all the controversy that has followed it.

What is the Pogchamp Emote and How Did It Come into Being?

The Pogchamp emote, as already mentioned, is a very popular emote which was a part of Twitch’s chat feature. It was a direct result of a moment in one of streamer Ryan Gutierrez’s YouTube videos. The Pogchamp emote is a screenshot of him making a silly face, which shows the emotion of positive surprise and excitement. The emote itself is also used in situations where users feel emotions such as these.

It initially started as an internet meme. With the passage of only a few days, the meme became so popular that it was turned into an emote due to lots of public demand. There were many different variations for the emote released as well, but none ever became as popular as the original. Controversially, however, despite lots and lots of use, Pogchamp was removed from the Twitch chat. While variations of it are still available for use on the platform, the original emote itself has been removed, and we’re here to discuss the reason behind it.

The Controversy Surrounding the Pogchamp Emote

The Pogchamp emote was always controversial, right from the start. Ryan Gutierrez wasn’t exactly the most supportive and accepting of his face being used in such a way, and he especially wasn’t all that happy when Twitch turned his face into an emote. But after some conflict, the streamer eventually agreed to it after a deal with the platform. But regardless of this big-money deal and after all the controversy had finally begun to settle down a little, the Pogchamp emote was very suddenly and surprisingly removed from the Twitch chat.

This was an action taken by Twitch itself, who had the emote down after other controversial topics related to Ryan Gutierrez. The streamer is known a lot for his controversial claims regarding COVID-19 and American politics, along with some conspiracies he supports which offended a lot of people. All of this dispute and drama ultimately resulted in Twitch taking action after what was deemed by many as ‘’absurd claims’’ from the streamer. Now the emote is gone from Twitch forever, and will likely not be making a return. There are still many new variations available though, along with lots of great ones which have arguably replaced the original Pogchamp already.