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Will Twitch Likely Loose its Popularity?

In Gaming

is twitch starting to lose its popularityIf you are someone who enjoys playing games then you should note that streaming platforms allow users to live stream their gameplay. This allows people from all around the world to join your stream and watch your progress.

This makes It extremely fun and you can even interact with people through a live chat that is being displayed all the time. You can either ask questions or answer others to help them out. On top of this, these platforms even allow content creators to earn money through doing something they enjoy. One of the most famous live streaming platforms is Twitch. 

Is Twitch Starting to Loose Its Popularity?

Twitch was known for being the most popular streaming platform but recently there have been several other platforms that have started to gain popularity as well. These include Mixer as well as YouTube Gaming. Considering this, many people wonder if ‘Twitch is starting to lose its popularity?’. Well the short answer for this is ‘yes’. But some factors contribute to the platform losing it.

The biggest reason for this is that some of Twitch’s best streams have started to move from the platform. This has made their viewers switch with them which caused the platform to lose a lot of users. Some famous streamers that left the platform are known as Ninja or Tylor Blevins, Shroud, Jack, and Jeremy. Right after them moving away, the watch time received by Twitch started declining. The huge dip in viewers then caused the platform to slowly lose its popularity.

While other platforms where the streamers had moved on started gaining more and more popularity. Even some smaller content creators started moving out because they were getting better revenue from other platforms. Even though the popularity of twitch dropped recently, there are still a lot of streamers that are still on the platform. The website has also been increasing its users and watch time since then and is quite stable now.  

Twitch User Statistics

Twitch has still been pulling in an average of millions of players on their platform since the dip. This shows that it is still the most popular streaming platform on the internet. Although, the rate of its growth has started to slow down quite a bit. Famous platforms like YouTube Gaming and Facebook are now trying to catch up to Twitch. Although, if you take a look at all the user statistics of Twitch then you can see that the users have more than doubled on the platform since 2017.

This shows how absurd the growth of it is. Another great thing about the platform is that if you take a look at its demographic. Then you can see that the users are all spread between different age groups and all of them enjoy different types of streams. You can easily find a live stream according to your taste through the millions being broadcasted. The website also makes it extremely easy for users to find a stream by sorting them out according to their liking.