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How to Rank Up in Overwatch (Competitive)

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overwatch pc gamingHow To Rank Up In Overwatch?

Overwatch is a massively popular FPS multiplayer video game, for both PC gaming and consoles, and the whole premise of the game relies on team builds, hero abilities, and game sense to overcome the enemy team and complete match objectives. This particular video game has a lot to offer gaming enthusiasts, from quick-paced strategic fights, well-rounded hero abilities, and various unique playing styles.

The game has various modes for both hardcore and casual players, but mostly we will be discussing the Competitive game mode that analyzes players' skill level and ranks them into different tiers: Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, Master, and Grandmaster. Bronze is mostly filled with casual players or gamers new to Overwatch whereas Master and Grandmaster consist of the world’s top Overwatch players with exceptional skills and league win under their belts.

Before getting into competitive play, however, players need to reach level 25 by playing other game modes and even then, play 10 placement matches to get placed in a skill tier with a Skill Rating (SR). This basically helps you get a grip on the game mechanics and hero knowledge before you start your competitive journey. If you feel like you can do better and step up the ladder with some tips, then follow this guide to become a better player and rise up the rank of Overwatch.

Ranking Up In Overwatch:

Evaluate yourself

Recognize what your skill level is and what is stopping you from progressing further. There are various aspects to consider and you need to be aware of what you are doing wrong and how to fix your mistakes. Spend some time away from ranked matchmaking and focus on your weak points and improve your skill.


Overwatch is primarily a team-based game and coordinating with your team is essential to winning a ranked match. Often it could be the case that you are not communicating with your team well and calling out information vital to winning a fight. Having good game awareness and game sense is an important feature for good players and calling out and putting them to use can help you lead your team to victory. A normal working strategy is better than having no strategy at all and it is imperative you coordinate with your team for that.


Even if you already have specific roles you play with your main hero picks if you do not use the role queue feature that you should be open to playing any role that the team requires. If your team is stubborn and will not back down from picking too many DPS heroes that you need to be level-headed and pick a role that is needed in the team if you actually want to win.

Dealing with toxic players

Like every other game, you will run the risk of coming across toxic teammates that spew nonsense and badmouth others every chance they get. You need to try and focus on the game objectives instead of letting them blame each other if you want to have a chance to win.

Playing with friends

The most important tip for easier games and rank up is playing with friends. Solo queuing can be hard especially in a competitive game like Overwatch, and having a friend or two in your team can help immensely in maintaining your attitude and playing with a better strategy.

Gaining rank is tedious and requires hard work and patience, and isn’t just a week-long gaming job. You need to put in a lot of hours and hopefully, this guide will help you be a better teammate and slowly progress up the ranked ladder.