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How To Get Better At Fortnite? (Complete Guide)

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How To Get Better At Fortnite?

One of the most popular games in the world right now, Fortnite has an incredible player-base consisting of hundreds of millions of gamers in the quest to be the best and offers competition that is no joke. The game has a major role in the e-sports scene and appeals to players of all skill levels and ages (from 8-year-olds in school to veteran gamers with day-time jobs). Whether you are new to the game, or a regular player, this guide will help you optimize your gameplay, outlast your opponents and nab that Victory Royale.

Getting Better At Fortnite


Customize control settings

This tip is generally suited for starting off with any FPS video game, so it is recommended you adjust these settings properly before you start playing. Head over to the Game section of Settings and play with the options there to your liking.

Important options to set are Mouse Sensitivity, Scope Sensitivity and ADS Sensitivity, things that all PC gaming players focus on. Adjust these settings until you feel comfortable with the aim and gameplay. You can even follow online guides and mimic your favorite pro player’s settings and, if need be, tweak your settings as you play and improve your skill.

Observe professional players

A lot of high-level thinking goes on during plays by pro gamers, and just watching them on stream or during competitions is not enough. You need to actively study their gameplay; question every move they make from choosing weapons to building structures in specific areas because a lot of thought goes into each play and studying them thoroughly can help you play better.

You can then imitate their gameplay or pick another pro player to determine what style you are most comfortable with and then practice until you master it.

Practice building

Regardless of what kind of strategy or type of guns you use, you will need to hone your skills at building structures if you want to have an actual shot at winning the battle royal. You can check more comprehensive guides on all the nuances involved in building and the various strategies used with builds, however, all of it comes down to practice.

Instead of haphazardly throwing up walls, build with intention and learn from your mistakes along the way. Figure out how enemies break through and try and fix the problem in your build, since you can do so much wrong when it comes to the perfect build. One common mistake is to build too much and use up valuable resources before the storm even closes in on you, resulting in you having to collect more building material at tricky times.

Aim practice with the best weapons

The major step to getting significantly better at gaming in the big leagues is to improve your aim – something that doesn’t happen overnight and takes months if not years to perfectly master. A better way to enhance your aim is to practice with the proper weapons.

Although the game weapons are not completely unique, they still possess specific characteristics that the player needs to adapt to. The M16, for example, is a common weapon that players come across, and dealing significant damage with it means learning how to properly tap the trigger when firing. Similarly, each weapon in the game has its own nuances and methods of being utilized at maximum effect, and mastering them leads to performing extremely well in any given firefight.

Even if you are good at gaming or consider yourself a good player at FPS shooters, it may take you a lot of hard work and patience to get better at Fortnite. Once you have found your perfect settings, studied your favorite professional player, and adopted a pattern of gameplay that suits your play style, you can carry on and keep improving your aim and building skills in order to advance your standing and conquer any opponents in your path.