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How To Change Your Crosshair in CS: GO

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csgo video gameCounter-Strike: Global Offensive- How To Change Crosshair

For a shooting video game as complex as Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, the aim is such an essential part of the gameplay and needs to be set to personal style and characteristics for each player for effective aiming. Apart from choosing the right rifle for the job, players need to set their crosshair settings correctly to have an edge over the competition and improve their aim and weapon fire mechanics.

Changing Your Crosshair In CS: GO

In CS: GO there are different ways to customize your crosshair to your liking especially with recent updates that have brought crosshair customization directly into the game setting menu where you can tweak your crosshair without having to connect to any server or enter a game and have the crosshair displayed right in the menu. The main ways to change crosshair are:

  1. Settings
  2. Crosshair change maps
  3. Console/config

All the customization methods have their own pros and cons, and some are relatively easier to utilize than others. We will go through all the different methods and explain how to change your crosshair to something that suits your preference.

Change Crosshair via Settings

The easiest way to change your crosshair after came after a major update, where the gaming developers added the crosshair menu in the settings and allowed the user to change sights, colors, sizes, and much more. Follow these steps to access the crosshair menu and change it:

  • Open CS: GO
  • Navigate to Game Settings
  • Select Crosshair

You can adjust any settings and see the change in the preview section on top, where you can even change the preview map in the background to check your crosshair against different color schemes. A few of the major crosshair settings are as follows:

  • Crosshair Style – preset crosshair designs with predefined options provided by the game developers.
  • Center Dot – sets a small dot in the center of the crosshair for better aiming for some.
  • Length – adjusts the length of the crosshair sights.
  • Thickness – the setting for how wide your sightlines will be.
  • Gap – with this you can choose how close the sightlines will be and how big a gap is left in the center.
  • Outline – choose to have an outline around your crosshair or set it to slim or wide
  • Alpha – this is the crosshair’s index for transparency, which you can set to completely invisible or clearly seen
  • Red/Blue/Green - color indexes you can mix to find the color best suited to your crosshair

You can use all these various options to adjust the crosshair in so many ways and come up with the perfect crosshair for you.

Change crosshair via Console/CFG

For players who care to change and customize game options in-depth, the developer console and cfg files editing is the best way to do so. To use the console first activate it by going to Game Settings and selecting yes in the option Enable Developer Console, and then pressing “~”. Using the console and major console commands found online, you can thoroughly adjust crosshair characteristics to fit your needs and even save those specific commands for future use.

You can even add customizable commands to a game config file, by following these steps:

  1. Create a txt file
  2. Add any console commands you wish to use to the file
  3. Save all changes and save the file as cfg
  4. Save the .cfg file to your game’s folder at the file address - Steam\steamapps\common\Counter-Strike Global Offensive\csgo\cfg\

Run your game and the file will automatically adjust the crosshair settings as per the commands in the files.

Changing cross via Crosshair changer maps

The final and most convenient way to change your sights is to download crosshair changer maps as addons and connect to the server, where you will find an extensive list of crosshairs from professional players. You can even adjust your crosshair after picking it and change it to your desired length and size. One of the most popular maps for this method is “crashz ‘Crosshair Generator v3”.