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5 Ways On How To Get better At CS GO

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How To Get Better At CS: GO

Ever since its initial release at the turn of the millennium, the counter strike has taken the gaming world by force and presented the ultimate shooter video game with incredible competitive gameplay and realistic shooting mechanics. Even a decade and some years later, its successor CS: GO still stays relevant and is one of the most popular competitive games even today.

All competitive shooting video games are easy to grasp, even CS: GO, but hard to actually master entirely and thus regular players along with fresh ones still work on their skills and try to improve their game. Even professional players cannot boast that they have perfect control over all aspects of the game and all the weapons and equipment at their disposal during a match. To become a pro, you not only need intensive game knowledge but hours and hours of practice along with attending local LAN events that can boost your skills by competing with good players and tough opponents

Here are some of the main guidelines to help you get better at CS: GO and improve your game sense and skills significantly.

Ways On How You Can Get Better At CS: GO

1. Practice

If you do not know where to start, schedule practice sessions every day and focus on tasks that need your extra attention like counter strafing or better movement on maps. Before you can even start playing ranked matches, play casual maps and practice against real players. Once you are familiar with all the game mechanics, start matchmaking competitive matches, and further master your skills against players with similar skills.

2. Sort your settings

The wrong settings can spell trouble even if you are a veteran player of CS: GO. Even with multiple helpful guides on the internet for good settings and options, setting them to your own preference is always the better option. In addition, a good quality gaming mouse, a large mousepad, and an excellent headset can help you immensely in maintaining good gaming habits and much-needed game sense. Be sure to adjust your mouse sensitivity to a lower setting and figure out the best graphic settings that work for you.

3. Play aim maps

There is no way you can get better at CS: GO if you ignore the need to better train your aim and avoid bad habits involved in shooting and moving while aiming. You can use the aim maps to improve your recoil control and test your muscle memory on maps and corners with tight angles. They can be played in many different ways and helpful in establishing training regiments on a daily basis.

4. Watch the pros

Watching and learning from professional matches can be a great asset, as some game mechanics and tricks are missed out on when playing on your own. Also, watching streams can help you analyze how proper teams are supposed to function and enhance your knowledge of movement, weapon usage, and map rotation, and placement. You can even learn new tips and tricks that you can try on your next competitive match.

5. Learn utility uses and map callouts

Knowing the proper usage for smokes and flashes can mean an as easy win for your team, and are an essential part of the game and worth learning to perfect. Working with your team and providing flashes as support can help push your skill level greatly and it is always better to learn various smokes for different parts of the map. Similarly, it is crucial to learn all the basic callouts for all the maps you play on as they provide key information to your teammates and one small piece of information can provide an edge over the enemy and their movements.

No matter why you want to get better at CS: GO. This game is definitely worth the hard work and is a timeless cornerstone in PC gaming that has entertained 2 generations of gamers. All you need to get better, in essence, is patience, hard work, confidence, and a mixture of luck and talent.