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4 Ways On How To Get Better At Overwatch

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How To Get Better At Overwatch?

Over watch game is a very unique and fun first-person shooter, consisting of major game elements that are significantly different from your average shooter video game. The game utilizes teamwork, counter plays, and ability use all bundled together with incredible game sense to overthrow the enemy team and claim victory.

Apart from being fun and colorful, the game transforms itself dramatically depending on the character you choose to play with (from a slow-moving gorilla with extensive melee damage to a swift, sword-wielding ninja that can double jump and climb walls). The game lore aside, Overwatch provides its fan base with a cross between a competitive shooter gameplay and an array of diverse characters types that offer the player to play with any style imaginable.

If you want to better your skills at Overwatch, then you need to play the game how it was built to be played: a high-paced team-based shooter that requires teamwork above all else and balanced team composition to start with. Whether you play on a PC or console, follow this guide to improve your gaming prowess and come out on top.

Ways To Get Better At Overwatch

1. Understand the Game

You need to understand going in that this is not your typical shooter game and winning matches does not involve just killing the most enemies. You either need to complete objectives, push the payload to the end, or do either of these the fastest to actually win. The emphasis on “team” is very strong and, if played together properly, the force of abilities strung together can ultimately overpower any space or fight with the enemy and bring your team out on top. Every hero has a different role to play and once you dedicate yourself to that role along with your team, you mesh together to form a winning formula.

2. Pick 3-5 Heroes you’re good at

Overwatch features around 32 different heroes into 3 different classes: Tank, Damage, and Support. If you have just started off playing then choose one the easier heroes and work your way up from there. It's also very important that you try out at least 2 heroes from each class, which will help you understand how each role is supposed to work and mesh together as a team. If you are already familiar with classes and their abilities, then it is time to pick out a few mains. Observe your own gameplay stats and figure out who you perform best with. It may be fun to try out fan-favorites but you need to be flexible as a player and pick heroes that are viable in any strategic battle situation.

3. Learn the maps and move as a team

Map knowledge is a vital tool in any shooter game and here you will need to know health pack locations, alternative routes to objectives, or even good escape routes in case of trouble. You will need to improve your map placement and callouts to your team and move across the map as a team so you are not picked off separately. Learn how to swiftly flank your enemies and perform team maneuvers effectively.

4. Play competitive and watch pro players

Players in competitive are serious about the game and play to win which means forming good team compositions, making call-outs over the mic, and planning flanks and fight strategies. If you are on the road to becoming better, it is time to play your placement matches and start playing competitively.

Similarly, you can gain knowledge and experience from watching pro players battle it out on streams with your main hero picks and learn what actual good plays look like. Pay attention to their placement, call-outs to teammates, how they move with their team, and the circumstances in which they use their ultimate abilities. This can create a pattern for you to follow and guide yourself into good play habits.

With all this in mind, keep practicing with your main heroes in deathmatch or any other mode and hone your skills and ability timing along with hero knowledge and proper supportive team compositions.