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Blanka and Sakura will be in Fortnite today, with a Rival Schools reference

Blanka and Sakura Fortnite

At 8PM ET tonight

Blanka and Sakura are making an appearance in Fortnite today, as one of several Street Fighter crossovers for the game. This is one of a series of crossovers, including Ryu and Chun-Li, who arrived together, and Guile and Cammy.

Both of them enter the Fortnite shop tonight at 8PM ET, amid an opportunity to unlock a loading screen (below) via the “Blanka and Sakura Cup.” In the bundle, Blanka comes with his Blanka-Chan back bling (it’s a little Blanka doll), Blanka backflip emote, and the “Tropical Hazard Kebab Pickaxe,” featuring various fruits that Blanka enjoys. But the biggest reference of them all? His “Blanka Delgado” outfit, which is a direct confirmed reference to Boman Delgado of Rival Schools fame. I’m just glad this game is remembered.

Sakura on the other hand will sport a gym clothes alt-outfit “inspired by one of her Street Fighter IV alts,” on top of a victory sway emote, the Hanakaze Claw back bling, and the Fighting Tournament Trophy pickaxe; as well as the Kayari Buta glider.

The “all platforms” Blanka and Sakura Cup is being held today on PC, Android, PlayStation, Xbox, and Switch: you can partake in “up to 10 matches” today.

Fortnite Blanka and Sakura loading screen:

Blanka and Sakura 2

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