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Aragorn takes the throne in Elden Ring – Destructoid

Another well-matched movie/game mash-up

When I saw a thumbnail suggesting that Aragorn from Lord of the Rings had found his way into Elden Ring, I assumed the video was highlighting a mod, or just a running down the character creator settings needed to replicate him in the Lands Between. I should’ve known better! Content creator eli_handle_b.wav has been expertly inserting live-action movie and TV characters into video games, so of course Elden Ring was the next target.

I told myself I wouldn’t overdo it with these memes, but they’re too dang good.

This video isn’t over-the-top with spoilers to the point that I’d advise against watching it if you’re still getting through Elden Ring, but it does show Aragorn fighting a couple of bosses, including Radhan, and a cool optional zone (that’s also prominently shown in-game during loading screens). I think you’ll be fine! It’s short and to the point.

Aside from all the charging, my favorite bit here is definitely Viggo Mortensen’s infamous helmet kick; eli_handle_b.wav repurposed the painful stunt to fit perfectly in an encounter with Elden Ring‘s favorite pot-boy son, Alexander. It works so well.

The Elden Ring theme makes everything better

While it’s just a background snippet, I’m chuckling at the thought of Aragorn having to deal with Varré‘s cryptic bullshit the moment he steps out and gets his bearings in Limgrave. I’d also be curious to see how he’d handle the “loathsome” Dung Eater and other NPCs who give off a sketchy yet intriguing “you should probably keep your guard up” vibe.

Like many of you, my journey through Elden Ring was meandering as hell and full of peril every step of the way. It’s amusing to think about how this legendary character would’ve fared, especially without his friends. The next time you’re struggling with a boss, try to channel his energy. Cover up those HP bars with Post-It Notes and trust in yourself.

As one commenter put it, “I know this is just a meme but this makes me want to watch all of Lord of the Rings and then do an actual Aragorn play through in Elden Ring.” Same!

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