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Amazon Prime Gaming has six free games for May, including Dead Space 2

Prime Gaming May

And new content for Destiny 2 and GTA Online

The Amazon Prime Gaming May slate is looking pretty decent, with Dead Space 2 as the arguable headliner, and The Curse of Monkey Island right behind it. Evening out the rest is Out of Line, Mail Mole, Cat Quest, and Shattered – Tale of the Forgotten King.

So there’s a good chance you’ve already played Dead Space 2 already. If not, you should probably get on that. It’s my favorite of the trilogy, augmenting what came before it without the bloat of Dead Space 3. It’s a perfect weekend game, especially for free. Monkey Island is also a no-brainer for a first-time playthrough, and Cat Quest snuck up on me when it came out: it’s a fun little RPG.

Other games are getting more content/bonuses (which are usually in the form of cosmetics/currency) for Prime Gaming May, including Lost Ark, Lords Mobile, Brawlhalla, Destiny 2, FIFA 22, and Grand Theft Auto Online.

Prime Gaming May new offerings:

  • Free Games with Prime 

    • Dead Space 2

    • The Curse of Monkey Island

    • Out of Line

    • Mail Mole + ‘Xpress Deliveries

    • Cat Quest 

    • Shattered  – Tale of the Forgotten King,

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