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3 Best Live Streaming Gaming Platforms

Live streaming platforms

3 Best Live Streaming Gaming Platforms

Live streaming has become a great way for professional gamers to earn extra income. Many content creators have also made it their full-time job. People can support their favorite streamers which makes it possible for these streamers to pursue their passion. There are a lot of streaming platforms for gaming you can browse from. Here is a list of some of the best live streaming platforms for gaming.

1. Twitch

Twitch is one of the best if not the best live streaming platform out there. It has the most audience and a wide range of streamers you can choose from. Viewers can donate money and bits to their preferred streamers. Another inflow for the content creators is the subscription fee which divides 50/50 between the streamer and the Twitch itself.

It is very easy to set up your stream on this platform as long as you follow the terms of service. You can interact with your viewers and set up bots to easily manage your stream. Twitch divides the stream into different categories from which viewers can choose. This makes attracting viewers relatively easier as compared to other platforms. If you want to start streaming then Twitch should be your first go-to.

2. YouTube Live

If you’re looking for a huge target audience then YouTube Live can prove to be one of the best options. Even though YouTube is mainly used by content creators to upload recorded videos, Around the end of 2018 a new set of content creators moved to YouTube Live as their platform of choice for gaming.
The YouTube recommendation algorithm makes it able for even the small streamers to attract a huge audience. There are around two billion YouTube users across the world. So, if you’re trying to make it as a streamer then YouTube can be a viable option. The user interface is quite friendly and you can easily manage your stream yourself, without relying so much on mods.

3. Facebook Gaming

As compared to Twitch and YouTube Gaming, Facebook gaming is more centered towards mobile games or mini-games. It allows the users to make groups which makes it easier to interact with your audience. The best thing about this platform is that you can share your stream in different groups and pages to increase your viewership.
Facebook is a giant platform, there are around 2.5 billion active users around the globe. You can encourage your viewers to share the stream with their friends that can give your stream a huge boost. It is a great platform to choose as a beginner as you can also promote your videos after you’re done streaming to attract even more audience towards your channel.
These were some of the best live streaming platforms for gaming. Depending upon the content you’re looking for you can choose from either of these platforms. There are thousands of streamers to choose from and hundreds of different categories. Also, as a content creator, there are millions of potential viewers active at all times. So, you’re not limited by options if you opt for these platforms.

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