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YouTube Gaming Vs Twitch – Which of the Two is the Better Option for Streamers?

youtube vs twitch

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Youtube Vs Twitch

When it comes to looking at things from a viewer’s perspective, there’s not much need to worry about comparisons between Twitch and YouTube Gaming because both platforms are usually free. This allows users to choose either option whenever they want depending on whatever they want to watch. However, from the perspective of a streamer looking to start their career and making some money through either platform, the choice is a big one that requires lots of consideration. Given below is a brief comparison between both of them, which discusses some of the most important aspects. Take a look at this comparison if you’re having trouble deciding which of the two platforms you should pick.

Viewership and Growth

One of the most important things for any streamer to take into consideration is the growth of their channel and their viewership. To put it very simply, this is an aspect in which YouTube Gaming inarguably has the upper hand. YouTube is one of the most popular platforms around, and it is undeniably much more popular than Twitch. The reason behind this is that YouTube has a lot more variety in terms of content.

While more and more people are slowly beginning to start using Twitch for gaming-related content, YouTube still has the upper hand in this department. It is much easier to get more and more viewers for yourself on YouTube gaming thanks to YouTube’s recommendation system, the option to have thumbnails, and more. All these things are bound to attract more viewers for your streams, and that’s exactly why YouTube is great for growth.


Guidelines and rules are an aspect in which both YouTube Gaming and Twitch don’t excel all that much. But once again, it is something in which YouTube has the upper hand thanks to one reason, and one reason alone. This is something that you surely know about if you use social media often and especially if you’re invested in-game streaming-related content.
Twitch tends to completely terminate and ban streamers for the littlest of reasons at times. This is a major downside that gives YouTube Gaming the advantage. The latter is also very strict when it comes to following rules, but it is much less prone to completely terminating your channel and all its revenue for no good reason, unlike Twitch.


Another one of the most important things for every streamer is revenue, which is arguably the most important of all. Twitch is great in terms of revenue, mainly because of how easy it is to earn once your viewership has grown enough.
YouTube tends to eat up a big share of most of the money you earn, especially through donations and sales. Twitch also takes its share, but a much smaller one as compared to this. A Twitch streamer with thousands of viewers regularly tends to earn a lot more according to those that have thousands of viewers regularly on YouTube gaming, hence giving the former the advantage in this aspect

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