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Why Twitch is the Home for Esports Streaming



Twitch Live Streaming

Twitch is an American streaming platform that allows users to both watch or stream several things. While the service mostly focuses on gaming streams, users have also started to stream web development, music, and similar videos. The overall layout for Twitch is extremely easy to use and interact with.
If you want to watch a stream then you can sort the lists by different categories. This makes it easier to find a live video that you might be interested in. Alternatively, you can also search directly for a username or channel to open up their page. Aside from this, if you enjoy watching a specific user then you can follow him to get notified whenever the channel is live.

Why Twitch is the Home for Esports Streaming

Twitch is mostly known for being easy to use and the streams that it provides are mostly lag-free. The only requirement for using the website is having a stable internet connection. You can then start using Twitch free of cost. Some people might wonder why Twitch is the home for Esports Streaming.

The best answer for this is that currently the website has been known for being the king of streaming platforms. This is because the website has a huge userbase which has been increasing steadily over time. This means that each year more and more users have started to watch streams.

This makes the experience more interactive and users can either ask questions or help out other players. Aside from this, Twitch has its own directory for Esports that is used to stream competitive events. This includes tournaments from major games like League of Legends, Rocket League, and Fortnite to name a few. The website also hosts events that only its users can take part in. These have huge prize pools and teams up to the top 10 or even 20 can win cash rewards.

Aside from this, another great thing about Twitch is the revenue users can make from it. Other than the tournaments, people streaming their gameplays can earn money from watch time, ad clicks as well as donations. The platform also provides viewers to subscribe to their favorite streamer’s channels which gives them additional features. This gives incentive to users for donating to these streamers. Twitch is currently working on expanding its events by affiliating with other major gaming industries all around the world.

This ensures that the platform will stay fresh and attract even more people.
Recently, the website has received some dips in viewership due to some influencers leaving the platform. However, Twitch’s userbase has been increasing again after that and it might even cross its previous all-time high soon. If you are an Esports player and want to earn money while doing something that you love. Then streaming on Twitch is the best option for you. The process to set up your account is extremely simple and you can get started in a few minutes. You can also compare other platforms by following this link 

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